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Wild Buffalo is the world leader in quality, look and feel. This is an artificial grass that truly replicates the real thing while eliminating the need for water and weeding. The 4 PMI colours were carefully selected to imitate natural grass and the technology and materials used are the absolute best available. This product has an excellent linage, developed over 30 years and evolving as new technologies and techniques have been incorporated. We stand by our products and guarantee you won’t find better than Superlawn’s Wild Buffalo. Customers choice pile height – From 25mm to 40mm


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Purchasing One of our Artificial Grasses Will Benefit You in:

From start to finish, selecting the right turf for your job should be an informed process.

Unparallelled Realistic Appearance

The 4 coloured blades in our synthetic grass guarantee a lifelike effect unlike any other on the market

Prompt Delivery

We ship anywhere in Australia, including both remote and rural areas

Smooth Installation

Manufactured straight and easier to cut in than other competitor products. We can also arrange an installer in your area

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6 Advantages of Synthetic Grass

Artificial vs Natural: Everything you need to know to make the right choice

Who Buys Our Product

We supply to many different industries


Hassle-free delivery and installation, available everywhere in Australia


An outstandingly durable turf option that ensures green all year around


A predictable end result, even for tricky areas like shaded yards and rooftops


Competitive pricing and ongoing technical support for retailers/contractors

Hi, you’ve seen them and so have I, the cheapest of cheap-looking synthetic grass lawns, lumpy and an unnatural shade of neon green.

It’s every landscaper and homeowner’s worst nightmare, investing in revamping a drab outdoor space only to realise you’ve cut corners where you really shouldn’t have.

Our superior turf brand redefine preconceptions about how realistic imitation grass can be.

I’m offering a free information call for interested wholesalers, to shed some light on what we can offer with our 40 years of turf manufacturing, installation and retailing experience.

For those looking to buy, I’ve written a free ebook outlining the benefits of synthetic, packed with inside industry knowledge.

Mark Waterford

Owner, Superlawn


Transformations We Have Delivered for Clients


Only on those very hot days where the temperature is above 30 degrees celsius, if the grass is directly exposed. In this scenario, our suggestion would be to lightly hose down the area if it is to be used by children to play on. If the Superlawn product has been installed correctly and the right amount of sand infill as ballast has been used for the Lawnscape products, then it should not be an issue. This is because the sand infill will help the heat dissipate, as the turf does not hold the warmth in the same way that concrete, bitumen, tiles, wooden decks or sand on the beach would. Products used for Lawnscape applications that are installed without the correct sand infill or any sand at all will reflect and hold more heat, while wearing prematurely and voiding the warranty.
Yes, in general it is. The product used as standalone mats works quite well for toilet training but this can be dependent on the size of the animal, as well as the size or the yard and how much exercise the pet needs. Dogs in particular will not affect the turf pile, the only issue over time can be a lingering scent. To remedy this, a suitable neutralising cleaning solution can be applied, or one of our qualified contractors can visit periodically to deodorize and clean the turf with their specialised cleaner.
Our products are usually covered by either a 7 or 8 year warranty. Each of the Superlawn products are made for our unique local environment conditions. We have had a range of clients use Superlawn turfs in varying applications, from heavy usage lasting 7 years commercially, to lifespans of up to 15 years domestically and commercially. The lifetime length depends on whether or not each customer selects the right product for their specific intended use, and whether they maintain any required general maintenance.
We are always able to arrange one of our skilled network of contractors nearest to you, to come and install the flooring system professionally. Each of these contractors are licensed and accredited in their specific field, as niche skills are required to correctly implement the product, such as with base preparation . You wouldn’t use a Handyman to install your carpet, vinyl or paving, you would use a specialist. The same logic applies to turfing. A qualified installer is an investment in your property add-on. Over the past twenty years, we have inspected and repaired countless poor installs.

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