Superlawn Hybrid Buffalo Cool

We are pleased to announce our latest synthetic turf product, Superlawn Hybrid Buffalo Cool! A versatile and durable surfacing solution suitable for various applications such as residential, child care, commercial, and schools. The combination of top-quality yarns used in Superlawn Hybrid Buffalo Cool ensures a realistic appearance and long-lasting performance, similar to

Beware of the risks of short term savings on synthetic turf.

There is an increase in companies marketing their Synthetic Turf products for natural turf replacements without the need for sand infill as a way to save on the cost of installation. They are even recommending this for D.I.Y consumers. It’s important to consider the consequences of choosing a synthetic turf product without

NEW Impact Absorbing Playground Underlays

NEW Impact Absorbing Playground Underlays Our Softlon play-safe Systems are designed and engineered for the busy commercial and heavy foot traffic of playgrounds, schools, childcares and public playgrounds. When safety surfacing is paramount for meeting Australian standards. Our latest product has been designed for improved drainage where additional high water

Latest in Playground/Landscape Yard Surfacing

Latest in Playground/Landscape Yard Surfacing Super lawn Softlon comfort underlay systems combined with our most popular Superlawn Hybrid Buffalo 30mm Turf System is the ideal solution for cushioning in childcare centers, schools and general playgrounds. Applications are also ideal for at home as well. Our product are made and engineered

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