Realistic Synthetic Grass – Looking for ideas? Here are a few images to really get you inspired. It truly is inspiring to see what a difference synthetic grass can make.

010 300x225 Artificial grass poolside 1 300x225
Broadbeach Waters River front 022 300x225 fake grass installed 300x225
image1 300x224 IMG 0358 300x225
newgen 07 300x200  playground 15 300x200
 river view1 300x218  sythetic grass layed 300x225
 terrace view1 300x225 Pool pic2 225x300

Syntetic grass has come a long way since the 60s and the Astro Turf era.TodaySuperlawn products such as 'Wild Buffalo' offer so much more. They are so life like it is hard to pick the difference,even in bare feet.

The colour remains consistant for many years even in extreme conditions and with very little maintenance, the savings are very noticable on the bottom line. In recent years, Superlawn has seen it's products used to create feature walls, graphic cutouts, roof tops, fashion runways and many other applications far from the tandard pool surround or pet run.

If you have a creative idea we are happy to assist.

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